What's it like to drive a Quarter Midget?

See for yourself!  Click here to see a video of what driving a Quarter Midget around Mini-Indy Speedway is like from a driver's point of view!  

How do I get started?

It is best to spend time at the track during a normal race day to see how things are done, ask lots of questions and give your child the opportunity to watch and sit in a car to make sure it is something he or she would like to try. Next, we would encourage you to participate in a Mini-Indy “Arrive and Drive.”

Our “Arrive and Drive” events allow your child the opportunity to actually take some laps in a car. We will provide the car and all the necessary safety equipment. And, after some simple instructions, your child will be allowed to drive a Quarter Midget on the track with track officials there to assist.

How much does it cost?

Used equipment varies greatly in price. While you can spend much more, most new families can find used packages that include a used car, a motor, a pit cart and even spare parts for $1,500.00 to $2,500.00.  New cars and equipment are available from different chassis manufacturers, but at a higher cost. A used package is usually the preferred choice for rookies.  Mini Indy does have a Scholarship Car Program.

How safe is racing?

Safety is of the utmost importance in Quarter Midget racing. Mandatory safety equipment consist of five point safety belts, SFI rated neck collar, SFI rated driving suit,  SFI rated gloves, SFI rated helmet and SFI rated wrist restraints. RACEceivers, which are one way radio communication devices, are also mandatory for all drivers. This allows a safety official the ability to communicate to the drivers to alert them of caution flags and other on track dangers. Every RACEceiver is checked for proper use each and every time the car takes the track. Additionally, all cars are subject to an annual safety check at the begin­ning of every year to make sure the overall safety of the car is up to standards.

How much does it cost to enter?

Mini-Indy club races are $25.00 per car per event to register.

Most of the regional and national events range in price from $30.00 to $50.00 per car per event to register.

Where are the races?

There are plenty of opportunities to race throughout the Midwest and beyond. Our club races are held at Mini-Indy Speedway, located on the Indiana State Fairgrounds. We typically will have 12 club races per year with a couple of additional national and regional races at the track as well. There are also many national and regional points races held at tracks across Ohio, Michigan and Tennessee. If your team chooses to travel, rest assured that there are races held coast to coast throughout the year.

What are the different classes?

Regardless of age, all kids are required to participate in the Rookie program. The Rookie program is a non-competitive class designed to make your child comfortable with lining up, passing, getting on and off the track safely and being on the track with other cars. After a driver graduates from Rookie training, there are 16 different Quarter Midget classes for race teams to choose from. Classes are based upon age, weight and the different motor combinations that are available, with many drivers participating in multiple classes.

Are we able to practice?

Yes. Once you join USAC and Mini-Indy you are given a key to the track so you can practice as often as you like. In addition, during the summer months we have a dedicated Rookie night once a week where a track official will be on hand to assist you and your child.

What does it cost to join?

The annual cost to join USAC is $100.00.  In addition, there is a $85.00 annual fee to join Mini-Indy.  In addition to providing membership to the USAC and Mini-Indy organizations, these fees also allow you to be covered by the track insurance.

Need more information?

To find out more information, or to get details on how to join, please send us a message under the contact us tab. 

Once the green flag drops  drivers are on their own and must make their own decisions.  Racing teaches respect for other drivers and race teams.  The kids race hard and must obey the rules or face the possibility of disqualification.  

Quarter Midget racing gives the kids a well deserved sense of pride and accomplishment, while developing a sense of responsibility and alertness.  It also promotes hand eye coordination, and the ability to handle motor driven vehicles.

Quarter Midget Racing is a true character building experience for kids between the ages of 5 and 16.  Unlike some other sports, the entire family including parents, siblings and even grandparents, can be part of the racing team.